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Travel History

Some government forms like the US N-400, and Global Entry application require you to report your travel history. This can be hard to piece together from e-ticket records and the likes. Using GPS Log to keep a travel history If you use the app GPS log every time you enter and exit the country, you can keep a convenient history of your travels for easy reporting on government forms. Here’s how to do it.

Backing and transferring GPS Log data manually

You can transfer data via Finder or iTunes on Windows.

Using GPS Log without data

You can use GPS Log without a data connection, including spiking locations when you don’t have a data connection. As we wrote in 2010, “we understand that international data roaming is expensive (so most people disable it), and many iPhone’s are locked to accept only one companies SIM cards, meaning that most travellers outside their own countries do not have a cellular data connection. Thus, one key feature of GPS Log is that it can function with no cellular data connection.