Share locations with friends

When you’re logging places you visit during a trip, or of your local area in GPS Log and want to share with friends, you can! GPS Log has a sister app Geospike, which is an old school social networking site, dubbted a “social travel journal”. You can share spikes from GPS Log with friends via Geospike. Here’s how:

  1. First, sign up to Geospike and sync from GPS Log. You may need to leave the app open to upload all the photos attached to your spikes.

  2. Download the Geospike app and sign-in with your same account, you should see your spikes from GPS Log in the “You” feed.

  3. Get your friend to download the Geospike app and sign up there as well. Get them to tell you their username.

  4. In Geospike on your phone, go to Profile and “Find Friends”. Enter their username.

    Find friends in Geospike
    Find friends in Geospike

  5. Once you find them, follow them and make sure you select “Allow” when it asks if you want them to see your friends-only spikes (you can update this later by viewing the “Following” list in your profile)

  6. Now you can selectively share spikes with them. Edit the spike in GPS Log or Geospike, and set to the friends feed. If in GPS Log, sync (in Geospike it will sync automatically).

    Select your feed in GPS Log
    Select your feed in GPS Log

Sharing everything

Optional: if you like, you can even share all your GPS Log spikes with your friends by default! To do that, nagivate to default feed in your account settings, and change the feed to “friends”.

You can also make it public and share with the world. Just be aware with this setting, you’re bulk-changing all spiikes where you have not specified a feed.